Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hospitality Art Show (Bath Abbey)

Hospitality: at Bath Abbey
A collection of pieces of art in collaboration with the Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University.

The pieces are by 11 different artists. Here are some pictures of some of my favourites.

Rest on the flight by Claire Todd 
(glass, porcelain, china and glaze)

I dont really understand this as art, but loved the way my picture turned out

This piece 'Welcome' is in the entrance, adding a welcoming splash of colour

Finally these bowls are my favourite. I love the colours, and think that they're beautiful, and so well made.

This colour is gorgeous, it really stands out

The bowls are all situated a lovely little side chapel, and every one of the colours is a slightly different shade

(all photos taken with iPhone 4S)

Generally the pieces are all really nice, but I am not sure that i fully understand or appreciate them as art, even so it is worth a visit for some lovely photo opportunities, and to see the artwork in a most beautiful setting.

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