Friday, 26 July 2013

Tea Pigs (Week 3) Peppermint

I have a sore tummy, so decided that i would ply it with some tummy tonic, in the form of Tea Pigs' Peppermint.

The leaves are fresher and finer than nay other, because Tea Pigs insist on using whole leaves.

Perfect after a big night out.

This tea is truly delicious, and a very good tummy tonic, leaving a lovely minty aftertaste in your mouth.

Do you like Peppermint tea, because i didn't before i tried this one, and now I'm in love...... its my go too tea! :)


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tea Pigs (Week 2) - everyday brew

Week 2 of the tea pigs tea tasting.

Today i tested a scrummy tea from the tea pigs, their every day blend, and it really is just that. Perfect for any occasion.

I've actually decided i want to throw a small afternoon tea party with cucumber sandwiches and all the trimmings using this tea.

I used my comically large tea cup & saucer

here is the temple (what tea pigs call their tea bags)

Along with all good afternoon tea's comes classical music, for me, Bach it was! Sadly i had to play it myself, rather than being serenaded.

While i played away the kettle was beginning to bubble away, it takes a while because i have a lovely le creuset hob kettle.

The whistling began so i popped into the kitchen to fill my teapot, infused it for 3 mins (suggested time)

I decided to enjoy my tea with a few of Lindor's newest chocolates, caramel flavour.

Then I stepped outside, and enjoyed the sunshine

The suggestion is to add sugar to heal a hangover, i didn't need any, but i like the suggestion, i shall try it sometime.

But it was too hot so after a while i came inside again for another cup

I had a lovely time enjoying the sunshine and a delicious everyday tea.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Bath in Bloom

As i walked around today I noticed that Bath's flowers are particularly beautiful at the moment, so i decided to share them with you

Friday, 12 July 2013

Ham & Cheese Puff

This is a simple bung it in the oven type recipe. 

My Ham & Cheese Puff

All you need is:  
Puff sheets
Tomato Puree


Roll out the puff, pinch in the edges, and the spread the puree thinly over the base

Layer a bit of cheese on top of the Puree

The throw some ham over that, then more chefs, them more ham

then it goes in the oven

Then into your tummy


If you want it to be more exciting, you could replace my simple cheddar, with a few different types of cheese. 

Enjoy it, let me know if you try it

Thanks for reading x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Life lately

This is life Lately according to my iPhone photos.

Naughty Naughty