Friday, 21 June 2013

Toppings Bookshop

I have lived in Bath for many years, and only just discvered this wonderful little corner of the city!

Toppings bookshop is a wonder where you browse the books before you buy even being allowed to read them, and the icing on the cake, you are offered free tea or coffee whilst you do so! (they don't however offer cake)

They have just two stores, one in Bath, and one in Ely.

Alexander McCall Smith called it "On of the finest bookshops in the world"

I took tea; earl grey, my favourite, and dug in!

I came away with many items. Travel books about Paris, and New York, the two places i want to go to more than anything, a book about King George V for my father, and some fiction  suggested by the employees for my mother.
They are most certainly the most helpful bookstore i have come across, and if you're a book worm definitely worth a visit. To be honest, its even worth a visit if you aren't a huge book fan - I'm not the biggest reader, but loved this look place.  


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