Thursday, 4 July 2013

Tea Pigs (Week 1) - Chai

Today I decided to review a brand of tea i bought recently. Tea Pigs, is a company that aims to get 'real tea' into British fine bone china.

I Decided i would first try their Chai. Chai is one of my favourites (in a twinings version, so lets see what difference the Real tea will make. It is made from Assam tea leaves.

I bought 15 Templates from Waitrose at £4. Yes 27p per tea bag is not cheap, but is it worth it?

I chose to use my lovely new vintage tea cup for drinking

Look at the Tea inside the Temple (What tea pigs call their tea bags). There are large pieces of spice, and real leaves.

Tea Pigs suggest 1 Temple per person, and infused for at least 3 mins. Who am i to argue with the experts, so on went the timer, and i sat back to watch the leaves unfurl.

Not long left!

This is what the temple looks like after having been infused. Look at how much the leaves have swollen, in comparison to when they were dry (the tea has been at work).

The final suggestion from Tea Pigs HQ was to add a little milk (skinny for me), and possibly even some sugar and honey.

I started with just the milk.

Add the milk, and you're ready to go.

voilĂ ! 
A Beautiful Brew

And now for the verdict:

I am totally in love with the delicious spices (not too strong, but not too weak). 

I did try a little honey (not sugar) in my second cup, and i can see why it was suggested it really is delicious. I would go overboard with it, perhaps just a spoonful, you don't want it to end up being overly sweet.

So, was it worth 26p per cup (plus the cost of milk and extras) YES IT WAS!
I was so surprised, having been a little sceptical of the fact that Tea Pigs would be so much better than normal tea, but it really is.
Sorry Twinings, i think i may have been converted.

My only criticism of the tea is that it has left me wanting more!

Head to Tea Pigs for a browse of their delicious looking teas
( I hope to be reviewing one each week until we make it through the bunch)

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